About Us

Welcome one and all to Marvelesque, where we take you from front row to centre stage. We are Dundee’s largest group of burlesque performers with our themed shows throughout the year!

We provide burlesque, cabaret and dance lessons and rehearsals throughout the entire year, as well as regular workshops that can range from body positive photoshoots to costume and stage prop making to developing your on stage character, all in an open, safe and welcoming environment. 

Our community is full of people interested in developing performance and backstage skills while also trying to improve our view of our bodies and help build up our personal confidence. Mental health is really important to our group and we do our best to make accommodations and changes to support our community. 

Marvelesque CIC is a registered community interest company with no shareholders, that means every penny we make goes straight back into Marvelesque to support our services, social lesson scheme, buy equipment for the stage and lessons, and provide training and continuing professional development to our teachers.

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“Joining Marvelesque has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. From my first class to my nerve-racking first show I’ve felt nothing but love, support and encouragement from not only the teachers but the other students as well. There’s so much room for ideas and creativity and I’m so glad to be part of such a warm and wonderful group of people.”

“Marvelesque is a very warm and welcoming group and dance loving people. The amount of positive reinforcement everybody gives each other really makes Marvelesque a loving environment”

“Marvelesque has been one of the best things I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of; it has helped me grow as a performer and has always had my back when I was feeling I wasn’t enough. They were honest with me when I showed them my acts, and when I perform with them, I feel part of a real family. And I feel like a million dollars!”

“I get to help people, I get to see people develop, to open up and to heal, all while they learn new things, make friends and change how we look at ourselves along the way.”

Marvelesque Profiles

Mama Jin
Teacher, performer, director.

Glitzy, ditzy and a little bit frisky! This engineer turn administrator loves all things science fiction and burlesque (whoo that décor, glitter and space ships!) and has been driving Marvelesque from the very beginning. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… No wait… Ok a long time ago, in a living room not too far away, Marvelesque sprung into life and started growing its own family. Our continuing mission: to explore strange new stages, seek out new dance styles and new sparkly costumes. To boldly burlesque where no one has burlesqued before!

Mell N Dowed
Teacher, performer, director.

This wonderful performer is here to teach you all the tricks of stage starring alongside Marvelesque. Mell has grown and developed with the company. In Between running behind the curtain (i mean scenes) and helping the students develop and perfect their acts this luscious lady makes sure to entertain the audience as well. It’s hard being this fabulously extra but this vivacious vixen hasn’t missed a show yet! So what does the N stand for Naughty or Nice.

Captain Blair
Teacher, compere, director.

Semi-professional shit-talker and massive geek, Blair has been the resident Marvelesque compere and host for the past 4 years. Bringing his experience as a youth worker and swordfighting instructor to his role as Company Director has led to robust social aims and interesting conflict resolution! Blair has won several awards for outstanding performance…(for things completely unrelated to burlesque but it sounds good in a profile).
When not entertaining scoundrels in bars and theatres he likes: long walks on the beach, several cups of coffee, a good book about dragons, nerding out about space cowboys, and proper use of the Oxford comma.

Tommy Gunns
Teacher, performer, director.

A dashing rogue, powerful performer, charming ne’er do well, or a flamboyant scoundrel; depends who you ask, here is a man always striving to impress with a flash, and a flex, and the roar of the crowd! This gentleman’s been with Marvelesque for close to 5 years now as Boylesque Subject Zero and has been built up by Marvelesque to become one of their directors. As a teacher he embodies the perspective of building up everyone like Marvelesque did with him! When not strutting his stuff he’s an avid bodybuilder with a fondness for whisky, Jaffa cakes, video games, comics, and a well-choreographed fight scene!