Terms & Conditions

Code of Conduct


Marvelesque Cabaret requires of its members a high level of behaviour, commitment and conduct. This document will list the responsibilities of each level of membership within Marvelesque Cabaret, and members of each level are expected to consistently meet the standards of behaviour and conduct contained within. Any severe breaches of this code of conduct may result in disciplinary proceedings as per the Marvelesque’s Disciplinary & Appeals Procedure document.

Responsibilities of Members

All members of Marvelesque Cabaret are expected to:

_ constantly strive for personal improvement

_ behave and act in a professional manner

_ conduct themselves with self-discipline

_ keep an open mind to learning

_ help make a safe environment in which members may meet and practice

_ bear in mind that discussion and communication should not be offensive or objectionable to any other person

_ respect one another during and outwith classes and events

_ treat Marvelesque Cabaret’s instructors and ranking members with the respect due to their positions

_ deal with personal differences in a mature fashion

_ deal with disagreements with an instructor outside of class times

_ never hinder the education of another member

_ follow the rules and regulations set out in Marvelesque Cabaret’s documentation

_ arrive for classes, meetings and events in a timely fashion

_ come to lessons prepared by: bringing any requested equipment, wearing appropriate clothing, going to the bathroom before lessons start, bringing personal bottles of water and signing in upon arrival

_ not be disruptive in lessons

_ follow all instruction regardless of personal opinion on the matter (unless there are medical or exceptionally strong reasons why this should not be the case)

_ stay on-task during lessons and not distract other members

_ leave outside issues outside the dance hall

_ allow the instructor to speak without adding one’s own points of view to the teaching _ help with fundraising for Marvelesque Cabaret

_ look after and respect group equipment

_ look after and respect private equipment owned by other members

_ follow the dress code and wear appropriate clothing to Marvelesque Cabaret events

_ pitch in and help with group activities

_ uphold the good name of Marvelesque Cabaret

Further Responsibilities of Instructors and Ranking Members

All instructors and ranking members of Marvelesque Cabaret are furthermore expected to:

_ disclose any conflicts of interest that might impair ability or judgement

_ lead by personal example and act as role models

_ keep safety as first priority, professionalism and education as second priorities

_ provide as high a level of instruction as possible

_ always act in a professional manner and never to abuse a position in Marvelesque Cabaret

_ foster a safe and comfortable environment

_ maintain control of their classes when teaching

_ show the proper respect to other instructors and ranking members

_ begin and end classes in the manner prescribed by Marvelesque Cabaret

_ attend Marvelesque Cabaret meetings as often as possible

_ read any information sent out before Marvelesque Cabaret meetings in order to properly prepare for the meetings

_ sign and obey a non-disclosure agreement

_ be intimately aware of the rules and regulations of Marvelesque Cabaret

_ help with fundraising for Marvelesque Cabaret through grant applications

_ be non-judgemental and to consider every issue carefully before reaching a decision

_ act as ambassadors for Marvelesque Cabaret

_ always act in the best interests of Marvelesque Cabaret

Further Responsibilities of Administrators

All members of the Marvelesque Cabaret who hold an administrative position are furthermore expected to:

_ disclose any conflicts of interest that might impair ability or judgement

_ adhere strictly to the Data Privacy policy

_ sign and obey a non-disclosure act

_ remain organised

_ complete and deal with forms and paperwork in a timely fashion

_ perform all jobs as competently as possible

_ show initiative

_ liaise with external bodies where necessary in a professional manner

_ act as ambassadors for Marvelesque Cabaret

_ always act in the best interests of Marvelesque Cabaret

Disciplinary & Appeals Procedure

Within Marvelesque, as is outlined in the Charter, we will strive to ensure that all members can express themselves and their personalities in a safe and secure environment; however, violation of the Marvelesque Code of Conduct or inappropriate behaviour of members of the organisation will result in disciplinary action on behalf of the committee.

Such examples of violations can be seen as:

  • Failure to acknowledge the boundaries of individual members
  • Bigoted behaviour and bullying of members as a result of race, creed, ethnicity,
  • physical ability, physical appearance, sexual orientation, economic status, or others
  • Consistent failure to meet commitments outlined by teachers and irresponsible attitudes
  • Ignoring or otherwise failing to listen to instructions of teachers. SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT
  • Willfully or otherwise endangering the safety and security of Marvelesque or its members

In the course of Disciplinary procedure, there will be three phases to the disciplinary action;
1. The First Offence – Verbal Warning

For more trivial complaints and offences, a verbal warning will be administered to the offending party by a senior member of Marvelesque.

2. The Second Offence – Written Warning

Failure to listen to the verbal warning, or for the slightly more serious offences, a written warning will be documented and retained by the committee for the records of the Troupe; a copy of the Disciplinary Action Notice can be seen overleaf.

3. The Third Warning – Suspension of Members

A further offence committed by a member after having received a prior written and verbal warning, will result in the suspension of the member from the lessons and society; the member will be asked to leave the session and will be spoken to by two members of the committee.

Failure to adhere to, or respect the disciplinary procedure, along with the most serious offences of theft, intoxication, assault, inappropriate or indecent behaviour, will result in IMMEDIATE EXPULSION from the Society and from Marvelesque. No exceptions.


Members have the right to appeal any decision made by the committee in accordance with the Disciplinary procedure.

Any and all appeals shall be submitted in writing to the committee within 30 days of the penalty being given stating the name of the member and the details of the appeal. This appeal will then be discussed formally at the next committee meeting and the decision made by committee vote.

In the more serious cases, the member may be asked to meet with an appeals panel to discuss the disciplinary action. In such cases, there will be a form present listing the date and nature of the offence, the name of the member, witnesses to the event, and evidence of the offence and priors of the member.

In these examples, once all factors have been discussed and recorded, the membership of the offending member will be decided by vote; the result of which will be respected by the member as an absolute decision.